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Community Apps

Featured apps created by the Numerai community members.


Numerai Payouts Dashboard

See how well your Numerai model is doing compared to everyone


Numerai Insights Dashboard

Compare the performance of all your models side by side


Power BI Numerai Dashboard

Numerai leaderboard, round performances, payouts and more


Numerai Streamlit Dashboard

Portfolio performance, trend tracking and comparison


Numerai Dune Dashboard

Dune Dashboard for NMR and NFTee's


Numerai Earnings Dashboard

Calculate earnings in fiat equivalent


USD Payout Plugin

Browser plugin for displaying Numerai payout in USD


Open Signals

Library to enable quick development for the Signals tournament



A pipeline library to help you focus on building Numerai models

Community Content

Numerai educational content created by the community.


Office Hours with Arbitrage

YouTube playlist of the Office Hours with Arbitrage series


Numerai Starter Pack

YouTube playlist of the Numerai Starter Pack series


Signals with R

YouTube archive of the Signals with R series


Kashi NMR Lending

Tutorial to earn APR without staking on a model


Kashi NMR Borrowing

Tutorial to stake on your model without NMR price exposure


The CoE Numerai Newsletter

A monthly newsletter for all Numerai participants


Awesome Numerai

A curated list of awesome numerai libraries, tutorials and other resources